The Kenyan constitution allows any Kenya Citizen to own land anywhere it's a republic. But this depicted and done, it is a plain citation without life the constitution if not acted upon. The cost of land and availability of finance and high cost of living are among the main hindrance to owning land to most of the Kenyan populace especially the youth. Keeping in mind that this is the only product that is not being manufactured anymore. This is the problem but the big question is, How will we solve it?

According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, the population projection by the year 2030 the total population will be approximately 66,449,654 people while today the total population is about 55,267,623. This is shy 12,000,000 people increase by the year and vision 2030. This means before the Kenyan Vision 2030 actualizes, assumed, all the available land will be occupied leaving no inch left for accusation at the current rate. In Nairobi Today it is very rare to find land offers, of any size that is currently trading less than half a million Kenya Shilling but its possible to find the same even an acre or more trading at that rate in the other Counties for example of Machakos, Malindi, Kitui just to name a few.

With the aid of the Kenyan Constitution on Devolution, the only option left is to grab the only left County Land or Rural areas offers. At Calwain we are not taking this lightly, that is why we have come up with a product dubbed Pata Shamba Mashinani. This product aim is to find cheaper land offers for all of our clients especially the young generation from the other available part of the Republic of Kenya. We will bring together clients who we will work together to actualize this strategy by the simple things we do as young people. Like instead of going for rad trips for entertainment, we will be doing road trips for Land investments. That sounds great, right?

Then, join us, and let's work together.

Calwain Investments Limited

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